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White Runtz Strain: A Deliciously Powerful Flavor Profile & Experience

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A favorite amongst Runtz lovers, the White Runtz strain is a potent cross between the two All-Stars. On the Runtz side, the strain contains Gelato and Zkittlez. With two pungently fruity strains in the mix, White Runtz holds a strong flavor and aroma with hints of creamy vanilla, berries, and candy. The White parent lends a classic OG Kush flavor to the mix, balancing out the scent and lending it exemplary properties.

Bred by Cookies, White Runtz’s name is equally accurate because of the thick layer of white trichomes that coat its surface. The sheer trichome density makes the buds look as if they’ve had a dusting of powdery sugar. And as we all know, this is visual proof that a potent, high-quality experience lies ahead.

White Runtz Experience

With two balanced strains in its lineage, White Runtz offers an experience that may be as equally relaxing as it is energizing. The energizing side may help produce euphoric highs and uplifting effects. While the relaxing effects may make it perfect for chronic pain, anxiety, and stress.

Take a moment to consider the Runtz family tree and the deliciously powerful Gelato and Zkittlez strains. With this in mind, it’s safe to assume that White Runtz may pack a serious punch. The potentially uplifting strain is a popular companion for social settings as it may ease social anxiety and make you more talkative.

While The White strain’s lineage is unknown, its effects are reported to be potentially relaxing in both the mind and body. The strain might benefit those with insomnia and its high content of CBG is partially to thank for that. These potentially relaxing effects are passed down to White Runtz and mixed with its more energizing Runtz side, the strain offers a balanced blend of effects.

white runtz strain weed
white runtz strain weed

Image via Node Labs | Featured image via Cookies

Cannabinoids & Terpenes

White Runtz has a medium potency level of around 17-24% THC, with no other prominent cannabinoids. However, The White holds high levels of CBG which is partly responsible for White Runtz’s potentially relaxing effects.

The main terpene in the White Runtz strain is limonene. This terpene contributes to the strain’s strong citrus flavor and aroma. Limonene also lends White Runtz potential therapeutic benefits, such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antinociceptive, anticancer, antidiabetic, antihyperalgesic, antiviral, and gastroprotective properties.

Further, White Runtz also contains the terpene myrcene, potentially lending it anti-inflammatory, sleep-supporting, mood-enhancing, stress-relieving, and immune-strengthening properties as well as a pine aroma. Lastly, caryophyllene is another terpene found in this strain. Caryophyllene is unique because it is the only terpene that also acts as a cannabinoid, potentially providing anti-inflammatory effects by activating our endocannabinoid system. This might also help with inflammatory bowel disease, anxiety, and depression.

White Runtz Appearance

Underneath its thick layer of trichomes, White Runtz is a canvas of vibrant green and purple shades. Topped off with fiery orange pistils littered between mounds of kief, White Runtz’s appearance is visual proof of the level of potency the strain has to offer. Further, the dense buds indicate meticulous care and attention during the breeding and cultivation process, which plays an important role in the overall experience.

White Runtz Strain in Everett

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