A Real Review Of Clandestine's White Velvet Strain

A Real Review Of Clandestine’s White Velvet Strain

Clandestine’s White Velvet strain is a cross (I assume,) between The White and Velvet Kush. Clandestine grows both of these strains themselves. The first things I noticed after my first dab was the taste. It had a subtle earthiness to it. I imagine this is how a great marijuana flower would taste if you decided to bite it right off the stem.

The White Velvet shatter also has a great scent to it. It has earthy notes that match the taste with hints of chocolate that add a unique experience when you exhale your hit. You get a faint chocolate smell, like somebody in the bus seat behind you just opened a Hershey’s bar.

I felt the high instantly, but it didn’t overwhelm me. It was definitely a relaxed body high with anti-anxiety and relaxation effects, but no drowsiness or sleepiness. I took a second dab and the noticeable chocolate aroma was there again. Even after the second hit, the high never got to intense, but the anti-anxiety effects stacked, and that absolutely increased my productivity throughout the day. Anxiety can ruin productivity if you let it build up, and the White Velvet shatter stopped shut it down.

This strain is a good day and night time strain. The effects are so down the middle, what I consider a true hybrid high. You could use this to get your day going without crashing by lunchtime. Or use Clandestine’s White Velvet shatter as a night cap to help reflect on your day and fall asleep quickly.

White Velvet strain

Cannabinoid Breakdown

  • Total THC: 72.57%
  • Total CBD: 0.30%


White Velvet Strain Overview

  • Indica leaning hybrid.
  • Genetics: The White and Velvet Kush
  • Aroma Profile: Earthy with hints of cocoa and chocolate.
  • Flavor Profile: Earthy and floral.


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