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Buddies Brand Guide: Premium Live Resin Cartridges, Concentrates, PAX Pods, And More

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Buddies Brand is a premier cannabis brand distributed in Washington, Oregon, and California. They provide the West Coast with a variety of premium cannabis oils including cartridges, concentrates, PAX Pods, and syringes/tankers. They’re known up and down the West Coast for their Liquid Diamonds Live Resin vape cartridges. If you’d like to sample this brand, we carry several of Buddies’ best extracts at our Kush 99 dispensary.

Continue reading to learn more about Buddies’ potent products.


Buddies vape carts are one of the most honest ways to enjoy a cannabis extract. The strain-specific flavors are notable from the first rip. Their vape carts allow you to experience a strain’s terpene profile in its truest form.

Their extraction process starts with fresh frozen flower. By preserving the plant at its freshest, Buddies is able to later use supercritical CO2 to produce an oil that’s rich in cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenoids. Whether it’s their Liquid Diamonds Live Resin, distillate + cannabis-derived terpenes, or distillate + live resin, they only use the best flower for extraction.

You will find a number of Buddies’ vape carts on KushMart’s menu including hybrid strains Apricot Jamz, Berries and Dream, and Grape strains. Additionally, if you are looking for an indica cart you can try the DJ Short Blueberry, Apricot, and Blueberry strains.


Live Resin

We also carry a couple of Buddies brand dabbable oils in the form of live resin in our Seattle store. Live resin yields both bigger terpene profiles and a larger spectrum of cannabinoids for an experience that might be longer-lasting and unique than your average distillate vape.

Looking to try Buddies brand live resin? At Kushmart you can pick up 1G live resin concentrate under the strains: Gorilla Glue #4, Rainbow Biscotti, Sunset Cookies, Tahitian Punch, and Zimosazs. The prices for the live resin range from $30-$45 dollars before tax.


Photo via Kushmart 99


Looking for potent wax? It’s on our Kushmart 99 shelves as well. The viscous concentrate, wax, is often made by stirring, whipping, or mixing during purging, resulting in a malleable texture. The difference between live and cured wax is that live wax is flash-frozen. Meaning the technique involves freezing plant material prior to and during extraction. As a result, you get a product that effectively preserves full-plant compounds.

If you are interested in trying live wax or cured wax, you can try them in Buddies strains Blueberry Trainwreck and Oregon Diesel, respectively. Both retail for $30 each before tax and come in 1G increments.


Photo by Oracle

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