At KushMart, it’s no secret that our favorite color is green. But all the folks at your favorite Everett marijuana shop love it when the leaves begin to change. Because while it’s a sure sign that the long rainy season is on the way, the technicolor trees makes the entire landscape sparkle at this time of year. Fall is Mother Nature’s annual fireworks show, and Western Washington is loaded with great places to experience the changing of the seasons. So next time you’re swinging through our convenient location on 99, take a detour and explore some these spots. They all provide great vistas to check out the fall foliage, and the Instagram shots you score will make far away friends jealous.

carne mountain kushmart weed everett

Carne Mountain

While hiking the trail is relatively challenging, Carne Mountain rewards determined visitors with spectacular views of Buck Mountain, and even during peak times, visitor traffic is relatively light. If you’re looking to feel a million miles from anywhere, this is the place for you. Make sure to get there before it closes for winter at the end of the month.

perry creek kushmart weed everett

Perry Creek 

The Perry Creek Falls are a beautiful destination any time of year, but this wonderful area in the navel of the Cascade Mountains is particularly gorgeous in early October. The biodiversity here rivals anywhere in the Northwest, so while it’s a great place to observe wildlife and local flora, visitors are encouraged to stray on the trail and keep their impact to a minimum.

evergreen mountain lookout kushmart weed everett

Evergreen Mountain Lookout

Alpine meadows and old-growth forest are just two of reasons to visit Evergreen Mountain Lookout, and those who make the trek to restored fire watch station are greeted with breathtaking, 360-degree views of Monte Cristo, Mount Rainier, Poet Peaks and Nason Ridge. For hardy folks wanting to spend more than an afternoon here, the Beckler River Campground makes for easy, comfortable overnight accommodations.

old sauk river trail kushmart weed

Old Sauk River Trail

This is a short, easy trail which sacrifices nothing in terms of scenery. Bird watchers in particular love Old Sauk River Trail, as the area is rife with osprey, herons, and eagles, but the ease of access and the convenient, spacious picnic area makes it popular with every level of outdoorsy locals. Come in a light rain and let the sound of the water falling through the trees calm your soul.

larch lake kushmart weed

Larch Lake

This alpine lake is stunning in any season, even if making it there is a formidable hike. The difficulty is actually a blessing, however, as it keeps this pristine piece of wilderness feeling particularly remote. If your crew is looking to truly get away from it all, Larch Lake is the place to head. Depending on when you go, you might not even bump into any other visitors.

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